Saturday, May 26, 2007

Let's Just Worry About Finding The Cure To CJD.

Look, I have to be honest here. CJD runs in my family. It's genetic. I don't know if I carry the marker or not but I've still given up eating animals. Whether it matters or not, being vegan is more in line with my personal values. I'm sick of the beef argument. It's still vital, it's still important and it's still a huge issue by all means. Getting the USDA to test every animal meant for human consumption is still a noble goal. Knowing where your beef came from and how that cow you're about to eat was raised is still important.


Time is running out for us genetic folks. If my body does what my mom's did, I may only be around for another 30 years. We need to focus on finding the cure so that I -- and every other potential genetic case -- can grow to be old. Very old. Sitting in a rocking chair watching great grandchildren old. That's the goal.

So I'm dedicating this blog, and the soon-to-come to finding the cure. I am no scientist, only one lonely freelance journalist in Phoenix, Arizona with a heavy DNA burden to carry. No beef here. No USDA here. This blog will be about research being done to find the cure for CJD. This blog will be about people working to find the cure for CJD. We can share our opinions and fears here about finding the cure for CJD.

And that's it.